About us

' 'Inside' is our way of contributing to society and how we choose to make a difference. This commitment solidifies our business and makes us thrive to be the best we can be every day '

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide effective and measurable results to people experiencing musculoskeletal pain, getting people out of pain in the quickest possible way. We also focus on wellbeing and stress/anxiety management. 


We aim to provide people with the tools needed to sustain a pain-free state overtime, promoting independence and confidence in their musculoskeletal health. 

Our Values

Our approach is based on cutting edge science, treating the body and mind as a one entity. Mixing science and mindfulness. It’s that approach, together with a combination of some of the most advanced techniques out there used into a single treatment, what we believe makes our results stand out and what we believe can help improve many people’s lives. Our treatments are specialised, relaxing, effective and healing. We treat a wide range of clinical musculoskeletal conditions. 

” When you are open enough to listen to your soul and have the freedom to follow its desire at a given moment, without question and without needing to know or to label what you are doing but instead just experiencing it, that’s when something different happens, something that feels magical. If I look back, “inside” is the result of some of these moments” 

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Meet owner Rocio Santiago

MA in Nursing, Dip. Soft Tissue Therapy

Ro began her career initially as a nurse. During a difficult life period, Ro decided to ‘stop everything’ and travel to India, where she joined a massage course. From then on her career took another course as she got increasingly more interested in pursuing a future as a soft tissue therapist. 


Following this, Ro went on to train at one of the leading soft tissue therapy schools in Europe, completing a 3 year degree level course and specialising in effective soft tissue manipulation for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. 


Ro has been seeing clients as a soft tissue therapist for 8 years, successfully treating a wide range of conditions. Her background in the medical sector, passion for the anatomy, biochemistry and physiology of the human body and a questioning nature result in a treatment approach that is based in science. Her life experience has added the holistic understanding that results in a treatment where mind and body are addressed as one. 


“It’s almost as if life’s plan was for me to do this, and during my whole twenties I kept finding myself joining random massage courses here and there, out of instinctive impulses, not knowing exactly why and completely unaware of what I was doing or where I was going with it. Now I understand, and I couldn’t be more thankful to have something that brings so much depth, peace and purpose to my life”  


“During a difficult time in my life I experienced that when all the noise is gone, all that is left and all that is real is this energy that feels like love. If you choose to dedicate your life to others you know for sure that you are doing something real and that your life is being well used. When you truly see that, you want to follow that path because it fulfils you in a way that nothing else does and it brings a peace that nothing can shake, and that is all I ever wanted”

” When you are open enough to listen to your soul and have the freedom to follow its desire at a given moment, without question and without needing to know or to label what you are doing but instead just experiencing it, that’s when something different happens, something that feels magical. If I look back, “inside” is the result of some of these moments”

What our clients are saying

Mia Walker-SaundersMia Walker-Saunders
13:53 04 Sep 23
I visited Ro for a TMJ treatment and had such a great experience. I have never had a massage treatment before but she made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout. She is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and I would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing TMJ symptoms or other associated issues.
shaun clancyshaun clancy
16:47 28 Aug 23
This was my first visit and Ro got straight to work, accurately pin pointed the troubled area's along my shoulder, arm, hand, and neck. I have already booked my next appointment.
Lisa RansomLisa Ransom
21:34 03 Jul 23
Ro is clearly experienced and skilled. I have to admit to dropping off, so I've lost some recall, but I experienced a real release in terms of tightness and pain, without any painful manipulation ...just a gentle intuitive pressure and patience was exactly what was required.
Sarah BeanSarah Bean
20:51 26 Jun 23
I cannot recommend Ro enough. She is incredibly knowledgeable & understands my pain, tension & trigger points - she nails it every time. I now go regularly for maintenance (mostly my neck & shoulders where I carry any stress), sitting at a desk all day doesn’t help & I instantly feel better. Her technique is amazing! If you are in pain/have any muscle tension my advice would be book now, go & see Ro!!
01:09 19 Jun 23
Chris HamblinChris Hamblin
13:43 19 Mar 23
I went to see Ro with a lot of pain in my lower back. She was fantastic and gave thorough treatment for my whole back. The impact was amazing and I felt a lot better immediately. Within 2 days, I was pain free.I couldn’t recommend her enough, really brilliantly.
Dawn The Reiki RaverDawn The Reiki Raver
19:24 08 Feb 23
Ro's technique was very helpful for releasing my very spasmed neck/upper back. Highly recommend.
Laura WalkerLaura Walker
18:36 07 Nov 22
My first session with Ro was fantastic. I finally feel like I have found someone who understands anatomy and how my pain caused. Looking forward to further treatments
Georgi CameronGeorgi Cameron
11:09 27 Oct 22
Ro has amazing healing hands. I always feel like a different person leaving compared to when I walked in!
tamana rodestamana rodes
18:33 24 May 22
I enjoy my monthly maintenance massage from her. She combines both holistic and clinical approaches that what I was looking for from a massage therapist.
Clara MurphyClara Murphy
16:00 24 May 22
Ro is quite simply a wonderful body therapist who genuinely takes in an interest in her clients wellbeing. I honestly can’t praise her or her amazing massage enough! I feel Ro really listens to whatever might be your particular issue and sets out a comprehensive plan to make you feel better both in the short but perhaps more importantly long term! She’s not just about quick fixes and makes you feel that you are being treated as an individual.I’ve had a few sessions with Ro and feel I’m in the best hands there are-both literally and metaphorically! She’s incredibly kind and I feel so grateful to have found her! Whatever your issue- be it injury or exercise rehab or simply relaxation Ro is the best!!!
Amanda BrownAmanda Brown
14:26 09 May 22
I've been having treatment with Roe for around a year now and she is by far the best massage therapist that I have seen. My injury was very complicated and Roe has managed to find the exact problem points and treat them instantly. I have felt very comfortable and relaxed at all times and notice amazing results after every session. I wouldn't go anywhere else now!
Carina GarlandCarina Garland
11:43 17 Mar 22
I went into see with severe pain in my upper back and had myofasia release massage. Not only did the pain go away but I literally came out of there taller. Ro, also gave me some great tips and exercises to help fix the cause of the pain. She is a fantastic therapist and I would recommend her to anyone but particularly if you have pain or injuries
Star PolingStar Poling
13:25 28 Jan 22
Ro is very knowledgeable and experienced.She sends me an email after each session with exercises & videos so I can't go wrong.
Emily CowanEmily Cowan
17:43 08 Jan 22
Ro is a fantastic massage therapist who very quickly worked out why I was experiencing pain in my neck and shoulders and managed to release a lot of that built up tension. Ro also identified an issue with my posture and showed me some stretches and exercises I can do to create more of a long-term fix to prevent the pain reoccurring. I highly recommend booking in a session!
Katie OllerenshawKatie Ollerenshaw
08:17 16 Jul 21
I wondered why my TMJ was so bad, I was suffering with tension headaches, neck, jaw and shoulder pain for weeks.Then I realised I hadn’t been to see Ro for several months! After our session today I feel sooooo much better, I forgot my body could feel this way.If you’re on the fence about trying this treatment out, I can recommend wholeheartedly!!
Suzanne ProcterSuzanne Procter
19:16 07 Jun 21
I had 3 amazing massage sessions with Ro. She is professional, knowledgable and makes you feel totally at ease. I felt wonderful after all 3 sessions and for the first time in many months had far less tension in my lower back, shoulder and neck area. I'll definitely be back Ro!
Tivian ZvekanTivian Zvekan
16:31 19 May 21
Ro’s massages and physio advice have helped me greatly with a shoulder injury. She is intuitive and has wide ranging technical skills that mean I always leave her talented hands feeling way better than when I arrive!
I had three sessions due to my back and pelvis pain and I notice a improvement on the pain after the first session. Very happy with the treatment and I'll back soon. Thanks Ro