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Clinical Massage Therapy

Our choice of treatment for pain, injury or a clinical condition; also for wellbeing. A session combining some of the most effective and advanced techniques out there with the goal of providing the best possible result in the quickest posible time. We use Myofascial release and trigger point work amongst others

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Myofascial Release

We use Myofascial Release for the treatment of pain, injury or a clinical condition; also for wellbeing and anxiety management. 
During a myofascial release session we address the fascia using a combination of both direct and indirect fascia work. This kind of work can be very healing and transformative and it produces effective, long lasting results.

TMJ Dysfunction

A specialised treatment session structured around the treatment of TMJD symptoms (jaw pain/tightness, teeth clenching/grinding, headaches/migraines/dizziness, ear pain/ringing). The results obtained in reducing pain and related symptoms are remarkable. A highly effective treatment option for those experiencing this presentation

Exercise Rehabilitation

A one-to-one session focused on correcting the original cause of the pain or injury. A combination of mobility and exercise rehabilitation with the goal of preventing pain or injury from re-ocurring as well as to condition the body for higher performance. Available only with therapist recommendation and after we've assessed and treated you first. Feel free to reach out if you would like more information

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“Although we love our clients our goal is to see you walking out of the clinic fully recovered as quick as possible. We give you tools to become more independent and more confident in self-managing your musculoskeletal system ” 


“We want you to feel good and achieve the maximum functionality that your body is capable of ” 


“We always work towards obtaining measurable results ” 


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